About The Owner \Trainer

  When my oldest son was in 1st grade, which was 2011, he began struggling in school and had no interest to learn.  He was struggling to hold a pencil, was seeing a speech therapist because he struggled in sounding out letters, his grades were not good and his behavior at home was getting worse and worse.  We then had him tested and he was diagnosed with dyslexia.  I was referred to a holistic eye care doctor in New Mexico who specializes in exercises that balance the mind, eyes and body function to help children with learning difficulties, behavior problems, developmental delays and many other diagnosis’ to overcome.  He is the author of several books, DVDs and has lectured in this field for many years.  

  Because of the travel distance, he trained and provided me with exercises to do at home with him.  My son and I went back and forth to his office for consultation, testing and more exercises.  Gradually I was seeing great changes and improvements in my son and in a year he had overcome dyslexia, his behavior was no longer bad, he no longer struggled sounding out letters and he was able to learn and remember what he was being taught in school.  I then decided to also do these exercises with my other son, who at the time was a toddler with rapid eye movement and constantly licking his lips.  These exercises helped him also to overcome both of those.  I was so impressed with this natural way of helping children, with no medications involved, that I wanted to help other children and families.  The doctor said that I had enough training from him and I could use his exercises to train and help other children also improve their behavior and mental and physical development.  This training also helps children with a diagnosis such as ADHD, ADD, lazy eye, rapid eye movement etc..  Both my boys are teenagers now and they still have good school grades, good behavior, participating and doing good in sports and have the willingness to help out at home.     

  I have received a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner Certificate, EFT/TFT Master Practitioner Certificate and Child Development Associate Certificate.  The doctor also provides me with videos and news letters weekly with updated and new information.  Myself and the trainee can also do online telemedicine visits with the doctor if needed.